How Emotional Intelligence Helps To Make Better Decisions

Decisions are an essential part of every individual’s life. In fact, the process of decision making starts at an early age when we have to decide on our favorite color or favorite food. However, it becomes a more profound process when we need to take decisions as an adult because these decisions determine the course of our lives.                             better decisionsIn the current scenario, emotional intelligence plays an important role in helping us make better decisions. Emotional intelligence, as defined by psychologists, means making good use of your as well as other people’s emotions to the best advantage of both parties.

As the definition suggests, a person with high emotional intelligence can be more effective in making decisions because they know how to keep unwanted emotions out of the process.

If you see an example from a corporate meeting, emotional intelligence serves best in such a scenario. Imagine a situation when you have a fight with your spouse before leaving for office and have to start working on a group project with some colleagues immediately. However, a colleague ends up collecting the wrong data which results in a delay of the whole project. In such a situation (when you are already in a bad mood), you might end up with an argument with the colleague who made a mistake.

However, if you work with emotional intelligence, you will be able to keep the emotion that you felt with your spouse entirely out of this situation and weigh the pros and cons efficiently. You will understand that any arguments would only lead to more delays.

Therefore, the best way to act would be to help your colleague in collecting the data faster so you can all finish the project before the deadline.

It is a spectacular example of using emotional intelligence in effective decision-making.

Furthermore, emotional intelligence also leads to thoughtful decision making. Therefore, you don’t end up with any remorse or regrets later.

However, it is important to note that decisions made with emotional intelligence are not completely without emotions. Only the emotions that have nothing to do with the decision are removed. It ensures an unbiased decision making.                                                                                                                                              life decisions

It makes people realize that their emotions (that are irrelevant to the situation) will only sway their decisions. It is evident in the advertising world where discounts and offers make people buy things that they don’t necessarily need.

The starting point of increasing Emotional Intelligence is self awareness. You need to identify your strengths and weaknesses. The outer situation should never impact your inner peace. If you are self aware, your response to every situation will be very appropriate.

Most importantly, an emotionally intelligent person can stay away from impulsive decision making. If you avoid rash and impulsive decision making, it increases the chances of your decisions being more efficient. Hence emotional intelligence is an important concept, and anyone who can employ it in their lives can take effective decisions that can lead to a fruitful life. Implementing it in your life is easy. You can start with taking a step back from the situation and seeing it with a broader perspective. Once you begin applying emotional intelligence in your life, you will notice a tremendous difference in the way you handle daily life situations.




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